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14 Day Quarantine After Travel

isitation UPDATE

For the safety of our vulnerable population, your loved ones and our staff, anyone returning from one of the states on Governor Lamont's Travel Advisory list (please see Governor Lamont's press release here) will not be allowed to visit either with an open window or patio visit until a full 14 days has passed since their return.

We understand it is summer and vacations and travel is expected, and we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable summer. However, we need to consider ALL of our resident's safety during this ongoing Pandemic. Therefore, we simply ask that you wait the 14 days before having an open window or patio visit. We encourage you to use our SKYPE or Facetime options. (See here for how to schedule.)

Our staff has complied with Governor Lamont's executive order of weekly COVID swabbing and all have come back negative. For the protection of every patient and our hardworking staff let's all do our part in keeping every one safe.
The current list of States:
North Carolina
South Carolina

Thank you kindly and THANK YOU for helping to keep ORANGE Strong!

Andree Acampora MS, LHCA

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