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5-16-2020 Important Letter to Families

Dear Families and Friends of Orange Health Care,

All of the staff at our facility were shocked and saddened to see our facility misrepresented in an article in today's newspaper.

As my last newsletter stated we have had 3 COVID related deaths in our facility. I am sending you the list of every nursing facility in the State of CT and their COVID related deaths as of May 13, 2020(click here for document).These numbers are published by the Department of Public Health. As you can clearly see from this DPH document Orange has one of the lowest counts in the State of CT.

Please know that even 1 death from this insidious virus is heartbreaking to all of us. But we will not stand to be wrongfully vilified in the media after all of the thousands of hours and tireless weeks of work that everyone here has put into the recovery of our residents.

We will continue on our path to recovery and continue to keep you informed as we have from the beginning.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Most Sincerely,
Andrée Acampora

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