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Gardening at Orange Rehabilitation and Healthcare

According to AARP, there are many benefits to gardening, including mood boosting, increase in vitamin D production, and others, in addition of course, to being able to enjoy delicious, nutritious fresh-picked produce. At Orange Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, our residents enjoy our beautiful outdoor garden bed, which is elevated to allow even wheelchair-bound residents to participate in this wonderful therapeutic project!

Now that it's high summer our vegetables are thriving under the care of our residents as part of our Therapeutic Recreation program, and gardening can even become part of an indiviual's customized physical or occupational therapy regime to help them during their short-term rehabilitative stay after an illness or injury.  As the veggies ripen, they are further incorporated into the program by being used in recipes by our Culinary Club. Last week, thanks to our prolific summer squash plants, Zucchini Bread was on the menu, prepared by our residents and enjoyed by all.

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