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So Happy After a Long Journey

My name is Mrs. F and I have had a long and hard journey. It began last year when I developed an infection on my right heel. It was operated on and treated, but wound up developing gangrene and my leg had to be amputated above the knee at Bridgeport Hospital to save my life.

I went to a nursing home, (Not Orange Rehabilitation and Healthcare) to receive treatment. While I did have some recovery, I developed a fever and wound up back in the hospital. It turned out to be gangrene in another part of my body.

This infection was so severe that my organs were shutting down and I was not expected to survive. Although my condition was dire, I kept my faith and strong will to live, and surprised all of the doctors and nurses when I was well enough to go to Gaylord to continue my recovery. I was still very ill, with many infections and a large open wound. Gaylord is far from my home, and I wanted to move closer so my family could visit, so I was referred to nursing facilities in my area.

I was fortunate to get a placement at Orange Rehabilitation and Health Care. I arrived with many medical issues, still dealing with infections, wounds, wound vac, and a very weak body. I couldn't even sit up without falling over.

The staff at Orange Rehab and Health Care wasted no time, and the nursing staff began treating my sores with excellent skill, and took care of my medical needs. My sores, which I thought would never get better, healed all the way, and I began to feel much better.

The therapy department worked on every muscle and explained everything they were doing. Before long I was able to do many of the things I used to do. These dedicated therapists pushed me and encouraged me and I kept getting stronger.

I am being discharged home tomorrow; something I thought I would never be able to do. I am so happy! I want to tell everyone that all of the staff at Orange Rehabilitation and Health Care Center made it possible for me to go home after almost a year."

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