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Therapeutic Recreation

At Orange Rehabilitation and Health Care Center we recognize that recreational activities are an important part of life.  Our Recreation Department, led by our Therapeutic Recreation Director, is passionate about providing enjoyable and meaningful activities to our patients and residents.

We offer in-house recreation programs at least 5 days a week.  Our Therapeutic Recreation Department meets with each resident and their family to assess personal leisure preferences.  Our programs are aimed at fulfilling all interests regardless of functioning level—from sensory stimulating groups to independent cooking activities- we do our best at aiming for all desired leisure pursuits. 

Trivia, exercise, gaming, parties, current events, music appreciation, and arts and crafts are just a select few of some of our popular groups.

Our Resident Council and Food Committee meet monthly to allow all residents to give their input on services provided.  These meetings are a great place to meet new people and give input and reassurance that their needs are being met.

Religious services from a variety of community denominations are offered to ensure our residents are attaining their spiritual needs.

Pet visits from a beloved therapy dog are offered weekly.  Families are also able bring in pets to visit after meeting with and getting individual approval from our Therapeutic Recreation Director.

Our easy access patio is opened daily where residents enjoy assisting in maintaining the vegetable and flower gardens, taking in some fresh air, and enjoying the sunshine. Families often join their loved one on the patio, sharing a meal, conversation, and each others’ company.  

For those who prefer to stay in their rooms, we provide one to one visits and activities to make certain they are able to continue with their leisure engagement during their stay.

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